Heritage is open to interpretation. What is perceived and understood as 'heritage' is different from place to place, person to person. ‘Baithaks with Sahapedia’ and 'YES Culture's Networking India' series are rooted in these ideas. What it offers is an informal multi-disciplinary platform that promotes discussion and dialogue to understand heritage as it is seen and experienced by individuals in varying contexts. Primarily aiming at featuring young and emerging speakers, to lead the engagement with various facets of India’s history, culture, arts and popular trends, these talks are in the mould of informal, intimate and lively discussions, resembling a traditional baithak.

While the initiative was piloted in Delhi, IHWF currently carries out similar events in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Kochi. IHWF hopes to extend this initiative further to rural and more remote locations, where such discussions become closer to grass-roots level conversations, and hence organically feed into social dialogue. Play your part in establishing a conscious community and share your thoughts as we discuss the myriad manifestations of India’s cultural heritage.