Bandra, the erstwhile Portuguese bastion, is a true microcosm of Bombay—obscene opulence coexists with abject poverty in this unique ‘suburb’. On this walk, we will discover fragments of Bandra's long history embedded in its present status as one of the poshest parts of the city. A decrepit fort and a church with a funny story are minutes away from 24x7 crowds that throng SRK's home, and a quiet village square appears without warning as you walk through an otherwise ordinary street. Be prepared for quirky street art and striking architecture in various stages of disrepair, as we travel to the past and back again a few times in little more than an hour. 

This guided tour is free.

Achyut Bihani
Walk Leader
Achyut is a curious history and geography buff and loves how walking around fascinating parts of a town combines the two in a unique way. He spent seven months as a student in Europe, across 15 countries, couchsurfing and walking around cities, towns and villages. His favourite Indian cities include Calcutta (where he grew up), Mumbai and Delhi;he has led heritage walks in all of these cities. A management consultant by profession, Achyut enjoys philosophy, cooking and surfing.