Our city has witnessed many cultures in its past than most others in the globalised present. In this walk, we will trace the origins and remains of the varied communities that hung their boots and called Calcutta home. Join us as we explore why Chinese breakfast still rules Tiretta Bazar, why the Parsi community is dwindling in number with each passing day, and how the Armenians gave the city its oldest surviving Christian church. We will also pass the communities of the Anglo-Indians, Muslims, Marwaris, Biharis and many more that made this city a great melting pot of diverse cultures. This is one of our most popular tours and is highly recommended to get an idea of the melting pot that Calcutta is.


This guided tour is free.

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Calcutta Walks

Walk Leader
Iftekhar Ahsan
Ifte the Intrepid is the one to be blamed for having started it all. His passion for trespassing is second only to his love for this city. Life is an adventure for this true romantic, for whom the predictable is abhorrent. His antennae tune in to all that’s ‘forbidden’. Fun, spirited, and brimming with questions – that’s our Ifte for you. Join him in an exploration of any part, theme, or perspective of the city, though he’s all for unearthing and understanding the various sub-cultures that shy away from the mainstream.
Born and brought up (and hopelessly in love with) Calcutta, Iftekhar Ahsan hails from Rajasthan. A regular contributor to The Telegraph and other publications, he has managed to build a reputation for himself as an explorer of the city and one of the best people to walk around the town with. And when he’s not wandering the streets of the city, you can find him tracing his love to the Silk Road and the various countries that it passed through. If you ever need to plan a trip to any Silk Road country, including Iran, Uzbekistan, China, India, Turkey and the like, just drop a hint and watch him animate in excitement.