Basavanagudi is a unique amalgamation of the best of old and new Bangalore. The story of Basavanagudi begins in the late 1800s, and features a variety of eclectic personalities—from literary geniuses to unrelenting entrepreneurs, who found in this neighborhood a space for conversation, commerce and culture. This walk provides an introduction to the oral histories and built heritage of an area that blurs the boundaries between what’s modern and what’s ancient.

Join us in our exploration of Basavanagudi, where stories hide in every corner. We’ll be visiting Subbamma Angadi, MN Krishna Rao Park, the Indian Institute of World Culture, the old Flower Market and more, before we head to the legendary Mahalakshmi Tiffin Room for a plate of hot masala dosa, in true Basavanagudi fashion.


This guided tour is free.

Kavya Srinivasan
Walk Leader
Kavya Srinivasan is a writer, theatre practitioner and storyteller. She loves to read and daydream, and has spent most of her life doing these two things. Her family has been residents of Bangalore for three generations.