The Mahakali Caves, a group of Buddhist Caves, is situated in the eastern part of the suburb of Andheri in Mumbai. It is also known as Kondivate Caves, Kondivate being the village nearby. The caves have a number of simple viharas (monasteries)  and a caityaghara (prayer hall). The Caves have no relation to the Hindu Goddess Mahakali but a small stupa is worshipped in an ashram near the caves as Goddess Mahakali. In the opinion of scholars, the Kondivate Caves is a satellite settlement of the Kanheri Caves.

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Sneha Nagarkar
Walk Leader
Sneha Nagarkar is a Mumbai-based lecturer of Ancient Indian Culture and History who has
done master in Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology from Deccan College,
Pune. Ancient Indian History is her passion and she is always looking out for opportunities
where she can share her passion with others.