Participants will explore Mumbai’s most iconic neighbourhood on a walking tour that unearths and spotlights its hidden histories – the stories that lie behind, around, and within the buildings, streets and spaces so familiar today. We will walk through the area’s earliest history as a lonely island acquired by the traders of the East India Co., follow its journey from a struggling fortified town into a crowded, cosmopolitan trading centre, to its place at the heart of 19th century developments that transformed Bombay into British India’s ‘first city’, and, finally, to the area’s unique post-independence challenges and changes in identity.

On the way, we will meet and hear from diarists, novelists and poets who share their experiences of the city now known as Mumbai in their own voice, as only they can! From Rudyard Kipling to Salman Rushdie, Kala Ghoda’s triangle to the Bombay crow, Bombay then to Mumbai now, walk with me and the many words written on, and in, this city by the sea.


This guided tour is free. 

Event Partner

Inheritage Project

Walk Leader
Alisha Sadikot
Alisha Sadikot is a museums and heritage learning consultant instigating critical and creative public engagement with art, museum collections and heritage spaces in Mumbai through curated walks, visits and workshops. Her practice, through the Inheritage Project, focuses on educational, family, specialist and other groups from the city.