There are innumerable houses in Lucknow that manifest heritage both within and on their facades. Many of them are now visible through the lens of various Bollywood films and television serials. Tucked in every nook and corner, at every turn of a by lane in the historic city, many such homes tell stories of their past glories.

 There are a few houses where the owners still reside, while in some, the owners live abroad, while caretakers supervise the maintenance of the house. Some houses are shared by large extended families with their attendants and associates, while some locked properties are opened only for commercial renting purposes.

To explore the old Nawabi culture through contemporary and ancestral houses, we have organized a walk to some such houses located near Safed Baradari. The walk will start from Salimpur House and move towards Safed Baradari.

 Let’s walk through the cultural history of the City of Nawabs, Lucknow.

 This guided tour is free.

Walk Leader
Dushyant Chauhan
He believes in the physical and emotional connection to place as well as our relationship to the environment and the vernacular. For personal research and conservation or commercial activities, Mr Chauhan is a specialist in narrating human based stories through his photographs either by conceptualising or documenting the ecosystem we live. He frequently conducts intensive workshops and classes in photographic practices, working with a multitude of organisations. Currently, Mr Chauhan is based in Lucknow, where he works as an Assistant Professor and Freelancer photographer.