There are three main mountain sites in Delhi: Bhalswa, Ghazipur and Okhla. There are colonies living near these landfill mountain sites that are completely ignored by the city. They go scavenging each day, looking for plastic of different kinds, milk packets, jute boris, glass bottles, copper wires: anything that can fetch them some money.

According to recent reports, the areas under the North Corporation produce almost 4,000 MT of garbage every day. It’s a big myth that segregating plastic will be recycled. Out of all the plastic that is generated, hardly 10% is recycled. All of us have some places near our homes where garbage is collected and transported to these mountains. This walk to the Okhla landfill will guide the participants about how every piece of plastic in our daily lives contributes to these big mountains, irrespective of the colour of the dustbin they put them in.

We will eat something at the market and ask participants to collect whatever garbage they are generating. Then we will head to the dumpsite to see the impact of the garbage that is generated and where it ends.



This guided tour is free.

Walk Leader
Mohit Gupta
Mohit is an engineer, explorer and travel enthusiast who is interested in alternative education, and organises green travel workshops, trips and other activities. He also works with The 1947 Partition Archive to collect oral histories of people who have witnessed the Partition.