The route followed by Maharaja Ranjit Singh to visit Sri Harimandir Sahib from his Summer Palace in Amritsar

 Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Punjab, the last ruler of the state before British annexation, has been an instrumental figure in the development of the city of Amritsar in the nineteenth century. One of his most significant contributions was a defensive wall built around the city of Amritsar, which could be entered through 12 massive gates. He also built his summer palace, Rambagh Palace, in Amritsar. Ranjit Singh, a devout Sikh, is also credited with the adornment with golden sheets and the intricate inlaying on marble cladding of the sacred shrine of Sri Harimandir Sahib. During his stay in Amritsar, the Maharaja used to visit Sri Harimandir Sahib following a distinctive route from Rambagh Garden through the Rambagh Gate, the only surviving gate of the walled city from his times.

The heritage walk will begin from Rambagh and end at the Rambagh Gate. During the walk, the following sites will be covered: Maharaja Ranjit Singh Panorama, Western Deori of the Rambagh Garden, the Summer Palace within the garden, the Southern Deori of the garden, Shaheedi Bohr, Rambagh Gate, Muncipal Press on the ramparts of the walled city, the Municipal school on the ramparts built during the colonial period and the remnants of the colonial-period wall of the city. The walk will close at Rambagh Bazaar which is famous for spices, pickles and laasi among several other things!

 This guided tour is free.

Gurmeet S Rai (accompanied by Ritika Kapoor and Sindhu)
Walk Leader
Gurmeet S Rai is a conservation architect, director of CRCI (India) Pvt. Ltd. She has been involved in conservation of several historic buildings in Amritsar. CRCI is the HRIDAY City Anchor for the city of Amritsar (HRIDAY is a flagship project of Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India). CRCI is currently a partner organisation of the project titled ‘Creative Interruption’, supported by Arts and Humanities Research Council, UK. Amritsar is one the sites for this program.