Heritage Walks

Do you find yourself seeking unique ways to engage with the history and culture of India’s cities? Or wanting to experience your own city in new ways? The India Heritage Walk Festival (IHWF) offers you just this. With over 65+ walks in 20 different cities across the country, Sahapedia and YES Culture aim to make us rethink and rediscover the ways in which we interact with and imagine our heritage.

Ranging from walks through museums, and historically significant monuments and markets to explorations of interesting natural landscapes and areas known for its rich cuisine, IHWF’s walks are curated thematically. The themes range from that of architectural heritage to gender-related issues. In an attempt to make heritage engagement more holistic and inclusive, some IHWF walks are designed to cater to specific user groups, such as students, travellers, corporate teams and children. IHWF also curates walks which make interaction with local heritage available to people with special requirements and from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Our walk leaders are dedicated researchers and enthusiasts who have made special efforts to bring heritage to their audiences in interesting and novel ways.