The first European township in India was built as a fort city by the Portuguese and then refortified by the Dutch. The fort city was already close to 300 years old by the time the English came. Their language, religion and culture permeated through the lives of the locals who mixed with them. What they left behind was more than just buildings and architecture. This walk will take you past the remnants of the fabled fort after which the town is now named and the stories that make it come alive. The walk will take you around the now barely existing fort walls and its old bastions, touching on some of its colonial remnants such as the Vasco da Gama Square, Santa Cruz Basilica, Indo-Portuguese Museum, Bishop’s House, Old Lighthouse, Dutch Cemetery, David Hall, St. Francis Church and finally ending at the iconic Chinese Nets


This guided tour is free.

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The Kochi Heritage Project

Walk Leader
Johann Kuruvilla
He is a travel and adventure blogger at, hailing from the historic city of Fort Cochin in India. After traveling with a job for almost two years, he quit the corporate job in the Middle East and pursued his passion for travel. He shares his travel stories, adventures, and experiences inspiring people through the blog. He is also a photography enthusiast, avid adventurer, a mountain lover, a social media influencer, a positive thinker, a history buff and practice minimalism. He believes in the motto: “It only ends once, everything before that is just progress."