The possibility of finding aliens is indeed intriguing, but the story of our home planet Earth is no less jaw-dropping than a Hollywood movie. The action of explosive volcanoes spewing red-hot lava, asteroid bombardment, titanic collisions of tectonic plates, and tales of the coldest, hottest, deepest and highest spots on Earth are fascinating. Not to forget the Homo sapiens, the heroes who survived the dangers of extinction at every step, unscathed.

Join us as we take you through the journey of the evolution of the Earth at the Natural History Museum, Chandigarh. We will explore the origins of our planet and of life through 14 huge cycloramas, witness the Big Bang that occurred 13.5 billion years ago, learn about the rise of the Homo sapiens in the Holocene age and the evolution of the modern man and how he came to dominate the planet.

At the Dinosaur Gallery, join us on a treasure hunt of these prehistoric reptiles, and dig out some fossils (hope you don’t mind the fossilised poop of a herbivorous dinosaur)!


This guided tour is free.

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Fun Pitara

Walk Leader
Jyoti J. Khemka
She is an intuitive painter, an amateur poet and a photographer. A person who savours every moment aesthetically. Though she did graduation in Economics from Delhi University, art, history or architecture was not a part of her formal curriculum, but her various travels abroad resulted in exposure to various cultures and best artworks displayed in the best museums. To keep a connection with the academic aspect of visual and performing arts, history, culture and traditions, she engages in online courses on art, architecture, psychology and social and political history of the world. She also runs a small activity group called Fun Pitara which organizes summer camps, various workshops on art and culture, museum and nature walks.