Agra was the center of the world during the time of the Mughals; a city where trade, art, and architecture flourished. Today the city is known for little other than the Taj Mahal.  However, as one walks through the old city, the glorious past can still be seen peeping through the present cityscape. But that is just one narrative; there can be and are several others.

The photo walk is aimed at capturing some of the many tales that make history a breathing, living phenomenon, an attempt to see Agra through the photographic lens. Instead of a fixed, predetermined route, we will wander through the streets following the collective instinct on each turn; tasting snacks, meeting locals, capturing moments and remnants.


This guided tour is free.


Event Partner

Agra Heritage Walks

Walk Leader
Tahir Ahmed Qureshi
An avid traveler, storyteller, film-maker and writer with a specific interest in history, food and people, Tahir is a native of Agra and friend of cats. At the moment, he is part of an endeavor of setting up a collaborative studio-residence space for artists in Agra and building a community of people who share dreams, needs and vision.