Delhi and its historic buildings have always been a matter of great interest for residents and visitors. Dinpanah, the 16th-century fort on the bank of the Yamuna, was built during the reign of Mughal Badshah Humayun, and later modified by the Pathan ruler Sher Shah Suri. This fort is built upon a site repeatedly used in earlier centuries. Excavations inside the qila show trace from many levels, the oldest being the first millennium BCE.

This walk would begin with an introduction from Dr Narayani Gupta, Prof Malay Chatterjee  (School of Planning and Architecture) and Mrs Meera Chatterjee.

The walk will begin from Bada Darwaza of Dinpanah, cover other gateways, Talaqi Darwaza and Humayun Darwaza. A highlight is Qila-i-Kohna Mosque, built by Sher Shah Suri in 1541, a magnificent example of Pathan architecture. The Sher Mandal, a ,double-storeyed octagonal tower, was the observatory of Humayun. The walk will end at Masjid Khair ul Manazil and Sher Shah Gate.

This guided tour is free.

Walk Leader
Archana Sharma
She is a conservation architect who has done post-graduation in Masters in Architectural Conservation from School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi. She is currently working in CRCI, Delhi as a conservation architect and has worked on Conservation and restoration projects of Punjab such as Gobindgarh Fort (Amritsar), Tombs of Bibi Taj, Alfsani and Raffuddin (Fatehgarh Sahib) and Aam Khas Bagh (Sirhind).