Qaiser Bagh or Kaiser Bagh, literally translated as Emperor’s Garden, is a complex in the city of Lucknow with several buildings and gardens. It was constructed under the order of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah, who envisioned the place as a paradise.

Paintings and photographs of the Kaiser Bagh gardens taken before 1857 indicate that the main quadrangle had an elaborate charbagh or the paradise garden, an inspiration drawn from Mughal Charbaghs. One entered and exited the charbagh through two identical gates known as Lakhi Gates, named after their price – one lakh rupees.

After India’s first war of Independence, the British ordered the demolition of Kaiser Bagh as it was the stronghold of the Nawabs under the leadership of Begum Hazrat Mahal, who had assumed leadership after her husband Nawab Wajid Ali Shah. Nonetheless, some structures of the original complex still stand today.


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Walk Leader
Stuti Mishra
She is a heritage enthusiast with a master’s degree in Archaeology and Heritage Management. A native of Lucknow, she hopes to raise awareness about its structural as well as cultural heritage. She has a keen interest in Intangible Heritage and Mural Paintings and hopes to complete her PhD in either of these two themes at a later point in time. Stuti is fond of travelling, photography and playing the guitar and also practices a hobby (phillumeny) of collecting artistic matchboxes and wishes to exhibit it someday.