The Mughal world narrates stories of powerful women along with their male counterparts, but the harem still remains a place of wonderment and secrecy. The thick curtains that surrounded the harem were never drawn even when the women inside made continuous efforts to break free of the shackles that bound them. The royal zenana was a place resided by queens, princesses, princes and slave girls. This walk will take you back to the time of political manoeuvring and well-kept love stories, inside the veiled Mughal harem.


This guided tour is free.

Walk Leader
Diksha Goel
She is pursuing her majors in History from Miranda House, University of Delhi. The study of relics of the past has always been her passion and the capital provided her with a space to do so with its towering minarets and forlorn monuments. In all their historic glory here stands tombs and fortitudes who once saw the bloodshed of mighty battles and the dab of a forgotten culture. The spirit of this forgotten history and a sense of exploration compelled her to explore the city and the stories she uncovered are the ones that she now shares through platforms such as Sahapedia.