Panaji, the capital city of Goa, has a lot to offer, with its magnificent structures that make you fall in love with them. We will begin the tour at a very historic square, called the Tobacco Square. We will then walk through the Latin Quarter, which is an 18th-century conservation area with heritage buildings. As we climb the steps of the traditional pathway to the Maruti Temple, we will get a magnificent view of the Mandovi river. The hillock houses several important buildings of the past. We will then take a traditional pathway to reach the Church Square through the heritage Court building.

We will end the tour with heaps of memories and friends. Be prepared to be active and sweat, as we see the true face of Goa.

This guided tour is free.

Walk Leader
Ramchandra Prabhu Salgaonkar
Born in Mapusa Goa, Ramchandra graduated in Mechanical Engineering, with a post-graduate degree from the Goa Institute of Management. With 13 years of cross-functional experience, he has previously worked for TATA Motors, Maruti Suzuki and IFB in various capacities, mainly in the department of Sales and Marketing. Currently the founder of The Better Goa and Market Warriors, he is also a visiting lecturer at several colleges across India. He has been interested in travelling from an early age, and has covered most Indian states, and travelled to 18 countries. He hopes to cover 32 more countries by 2021. His other interests include reading, cooking and playing chess.