Kempegowda’s Pete founded in 1537 occupies an extraordinary role in history. Kempegowda envisioned a fortress town with a number of temples, tanks and a diverse trading community. It was a vibrant town worthy of envy.

The main road, Doddapete is the present Avenue Road running from north to south and the small cross roads, Chickpete, running from east to west.

The Pete was once a defensive terrain that put up a tough resistance against the British colonial power, with so many Mysoreans sacrificing their lives in an attempt to save their Pete and fort. The first metal encased rockets in the world were used by the Mysore Army, which reflects the advanced military status of the period. Pete has also found its place in the children’s novel Riddle of the Seventh Stone.

We will commence the walk with the aromatic filter kaapi at the Coffee Board van at the Mysore Bank circle and visit the Yelahanka Gate, Anjaneyaswamy, Maramma and Ranganathaswamy Temples, Rice Memorial Hall and Mohan Building. Along with lots of history, we also will savour the culinary delights of Avenue Road.


This guided tour is free.

Walk Leader
Sujatha Balakrishnan
A teacher, counsellor and theatre actor. As a teacher of history, she has always been curious and passionate about digging the history of places. As a resident of the garden city for 5 decades, she has seen the pensioners’ paradise rapidly grow into a high tech city.