This talk focuses on the printing history of Assam through visually mapping the progression over the decades. The speaker himself being a renowned printmaker from Assam, will shed some light on printmaking in Assam. There are various evidences to show that the visual arts including painting had been practiced in Assam since very early times. Sculpture, particularly woodcarving, was highly developed. The main centers around which art activities went on were the satras and the royal court. The satras are Vaishnava monasteries representing the religious doctrine and order established by Sankaradeva, the great medieval saint reformer.

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, Heritage Art & Design and Cotton University
Dr. Raj Kumar Mazinder
Dr Raj Kumar Mazinder, an alumnus of M S University, Baroda, is a renowned print maker and painter from Assam. He is currently assistant professor at Dept. of Visual Arts, Assam University. His works have been displayed at numerous exhibitions around India and abroad. He has also published many papers and articles on printmaking and contemporary art practices in Northeast India.