600 years old Ahmedabad is one of the oldest surviving cities of India. A walk through the narrow lanes of the ‘pols’ of old Ahmedabad reveal rows and rows of havelis embellished with intricately carved wooden pillars, doors and window frames and a way of harmonious life that is fast vanishing. In the last decade, a heritage movement has gained momentum in Ahmedabad to preserve and celebrate the old world charm in many different ways. For those inducted into the movement, heritage conservation is not only a passion, but also a vocation and an enterprise. Inspired by Debashish Nayak, one of the leaders of the heritage movement, Rajiv Patel, a city builder, has converted a crumbling haveli in Sankri Sheri into the “City Heritage Centre”, a vibrant hub of heritage activities. He has also restored other old havelis and turned some of them into bed and breakfast facilities for tourists, thus setting the example that heritage conservation can be a lucrative business, while it is also a service to society. 'Inheritance' celebrates the success story of Rajiv Patel and invites other builders to follow his example.

Year of production of the film
Duration of the film
14 minutes 36 seconds
iLead Productions
Subha Das Mollick
Screening Schedule
Tuesday, 6 February 2018, 10:00 am
Available until 28 Feb 2018