Visiting any heritage space is not just about knowing facts and figures. We live in times when one finds oneself in the face of more information than can be taken cognisance of. In times such as this, walking into a heritage monument, for instance, breathing in the smell of the age-old stone, and appreciating the nuances of the shapes, forms and atmosphere at the monument, in your own way, is perhaps one of the best ways to experience heritage.

Through IHWF’s Instameets, Sahapedia and Yes Culture welcome you to do just this. Our Instameets, while creating an archive of your experiences, through visual media generated by you, also provide an opportunity to find others with a penchant for appreciating our heritage. With several like-minded people present to experience the heritage of the space in their own way, you may just discover fresh ways of perceiving a space you have been looking at every day.