As per the first census (AD 1824) recorded by the  British, the population of  Ahmedabad  comprised of 96% Jains, 2% Hindus,  1% Muslims and 1% other faiths. In the past, the Jains were the largest trading community and even held ministerial positions, but the rulers were mostly Islamic! Rulers changed with time, but Ahmedabad continued to be a peaceful and flourishing city, luring many to it.

The walk starts at the mesmerising underground space of the over 400-year-old Jagvallabh Derasar. With the art and architecture of  some of these centuries-old Jain temples and pols as reference points, this walk reflects on the Maratha and the  British rule in Ahmedabad, but mainly highlights the brilliant relationship of the Jain Shresthis with the Mughals, from Akbar to Aurangzeb and Murad—the highest highs to the lowest lows and the equanimity and wisdom with which these delicate relationships were handled.

The walk, thus, also pays an ode to the farsightedeness, virtuous and philanthropic activities of many—form Mantri Udayan Mehta to  Nagarsheth Shantidas Zaveri, Harkunwar Shethani, Kasturbhai Lalbhai, etc.—whose contributions to the city’s prosperity and peace have been enormous.  

This guided tour is free.

Meghna Sheth Gandhi
Walk Leader
Meghna Sheth Gandhi- Founder of H2 oasis- the History & Heritage Oasis, she has formal education in Interior Architecture and pursuing Sanskrit Grammar and related courses, comes in handy while designing and conducting the walks. She enjoys researching on every aspect of Indian heritage-be it the architecture sciences, religious ideologies, cultural beliefs, linguistic heritage and outer influences. She believes that ‘Exposure to the Indian literary works that are not just about knowledge but full of wise insights, from visiting experts, fuels this passion’.