Kashi, or Varanasi as it is known, is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legends, and looks twice as old as all of them put together. Alleys of Varanasi are a journey into the old, forgotten heritage of the oldest living city. This walk is a peek into the town where a five-feet wide alley used to be widest road of Varanasi in the ancient time. Walking in some of the oldest markets, narrow and mystical alleys of Varanasi will take you to a hidden world of chaos and contentment.


This guided tour is free. 

Granny Asha and Mayur
Walk Leader
Granny Asha is a 70-year-young feisty woman running Granny’s Inn (www.grannysinn.in), her own homestay in Varanasi. She loves to host people, is a health freak and a gatekeeper to many natural and ancient Indian food wisdom. She loves old Bollywood music and is a huge fan of Dev Anand. Granny’s Inn has been shortlisted for 2018 Outlook Responsible Tourism Award in the category of Individually-run Homestay.