Hauz Khas,  along with its urbanised village, Hauz Khas Village, is a hub of chic boutiques and latest fashion trends, fresh culinary concepts and innovative partying experiences, boasting a stunning view over a 13th century man-made lake and the 14th century ruins of a world-famous madrassa. From supplying water to Siri, the third city of Delhi, to accommodating artists and researchers of the fallen city of Baghdad, to crowning the glory of a pious and orthodox Firoz Shah Tughlaq, to succumbing to the devastating blow of  Amir Timur, Hauz Khas lake and the complex around it have seen it all.

This walk will touch upon the past and the present of our beloved Hauz Khas—tales of the Khiljis and architectural elements, Feroz Shah's enquiring mind and  his love for all-thing historical in Delhi.

This guided tour is free.

Riya Sarkar
Walk Leader
Riya Sarkar is an architect with a background in architectural history and preservation, she has been leading walking tours in Delhi for a year now. She is interested in the continuity of cities, cultural representations and interaction with built heritage.