Bengaluru is traditionally known for its parks and gardens. With the rapid urbanisation and fast-disappearing lung spaces in the city, Basavanagudi is one of the areas which still has some of the best parks and gardens, reminding us of the old-world charm of the city. While Lalbagh is known to many people, there are many more parks in the neighbourhood which one can enjoy. In this walk, we will explore Krishna Rao Park and Bugle Rock Park in Basavanagudi area, amidst grandiose trees alive with the chirping of birds. The walk will end at a small eatery where the participants can choose to have a traditional South Indian breakfast, complete with a cup of strong filter coffee.

This guided tour is free.

Food costs and any extra expenses (travel, parking etc.) to be borne by the participant.

Shobha Raghavan
Walk Leader
Shobha is a freelance writer, traveller and theatre trainer based in Bengaluru. She is especially interested in understanding different cultures and people through their music, food, oral histories and stories that they share. Her favourite places are usually located amidst forests and mountains that are lesser known. Her favourite stories are those of communities who have preserved their forests and natural resources for generations and live in perfect harmony with nature.