By the end of the 19th century, the walls of the Bombay Fort were pulled down and bridges were constructed to link the islands. This was a very planned move by then Governor, Bartle Frere, a visionary set out to transform Bombay's future. Since then, the city has expanded limitlessly. It has been well observed that what was built within the fort stands even today, narrating stories of the past and how the precincts greeted the fresh air of what was to come following the breach of the walls.

Ranging from offices and institutions to beautiful open spaces and avenues, the British headquarters established a Victorian lifestyle within the fort walls. As we cover a trail in the vicinity of this Mini-Britain, we will alternate between listening to stories and imagining the high walls, gates and moats that once existed, and observing the architectural marvels of the colonial era.


This guided tour is free.

Walk Leader
Neethu Mathew and Urvashi Chudawala
A venture which Urvashi and Neethu had started. The walk leaders are a pair of history and media enthusiasts who came together in Miraashi Media with the aim of promoting valuable stories and inheritance through various events and activities for people of this city. Many residents and passersby have walked with them in various important precincts of Mumbai with the help of Sahapedia. Neethu Mathew is an Architect and Urban Designer who is an urban enthusiast who happens to have an inclination towards research of Mumbai’s history and heritage. She has worked with Mumbai Metro and NIUA and is currently working as a professor. Urvashi Chudawala is a student of Media and Culture Studies at TISS and has a background in media, journalism, philosophy, social work etc. She has worked with numerous NGOs in the city and is a YES Fellow of Media for Social Change 2017 cohort.


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