Naubat Pahad, located alongside Kala Pahad, is a granite hill over 300 feet high, once known for its bird’s-eye view of Hyderabad. The renowned BM Birla Planetarium, GP Birla Centre and Birla Science Museum are perched on this hill.  A few steps away lie the magnificent Birla Mandir, constructed with pure white marble and dedicated to Lord Venkateswara. Pahad means 'hill' and Naubat means 'drum'. Accounts tell us that the Mughals would beat large drums to announce official proclamations here, while rulers after 1853 reviewed military parades here.  Our walk begins at Ravindra Bharathi near Astoria Restaurant, moving on to Birla Mandir and finally GP Birla Centre, where our walk ends. Join us in an exploration of how these hillocks have witnessed Hyderabad as we know it and the stories that abound the city.


This guided tour is free.

Walk Leader
Ansaar Dewan
He is an independent researcher in experiential learning, communication design and interactive pedagogy and founder at Year Million Project - a think tank with a focus on building learner-driven educational solutions. Off work, he’s an avid reader, an extreme sports lover and a culture enthusiast, with a deep interest in the local traditions.


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