This trail takes you through the tempting and precarious lanes of one of the great historic cities of the world, Shahjahanabad, to delve deeper into the world of antiques and vintage wares that have journeyed across aeons and diverse geographies, and narrate India’s deep connectivity with its material culture starting with metal – iron, brass and copper. The first stop will be a quaint neighbourhood in the old city and a store which houses within itself a cadence of clamour that was a quintessential part of every Indian’s life for centuries. These objects, carriers of the rituals of hospitality and worship, stand as a testimony to Indian craftsmanship. As the journey continues, the gleam of metal will oscillate towards a splash of colours and you will witness modern and aesthetic variations of metals and materials, which continue to brighten the quotidian space of the Indian household today. Through a visit to one of Delhi's oldest bazaars, this trail will provide context to understand the staple of Indian couture work and why the world comes to relish India’s rich textiles. You can indulge in shopping here before we move towards a 19th-century temple, an architectural marvel nestled away in an unexpectedly quiet lane within this noisy haven and stands as an example of craftsmanship in glass, marble and painting. We end our tour with a culinary surprise.


This guided tour is free.

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Artisanal Trails

Walk Leader
Suruchi Khubchandani
Suruchi Khubchandani is the co-founder of an experiential venture, Artisanal Trails, which provides unique walks for discerning audiences. A cultural professional with close to a decade’s experience in academics, contemporary arts and the crafts sector, she is also a trained art historian. She believes that artisanal assets and rich handicrafts lend a compelling narrative to the material culture of India and that the continuity of traditions in an innovative manner will shape the new India. She scouts for beauty in randomness; unsullied craft traditions and their provenance fascinate her, and it is these experiences that she wishes to share with the world.