Triplicane or Thiruvallikeni, located amidst the lily ponds after which it is named (allikenis), is one of the oldest regions of the city of Madras (Chennai) today. A walk along the lanes of the Parthasarathy Temple, one of the 108 sacred Vaishnava shrines in India built by the Pallavas in the 8th century, reflects the traditions and the old-world charm of the neighbourhood. A maze of narrow lanes and alleys, each with a character of its own, depict the juxtaposing of communities, as seen with the Amir Mahal, the home of the Nawab of Arcot, and the Wallajah Mosque built by the Nawabs. With numerous music and dance schools and sabhas still actively fostering the arts, the streets here have housed many a legendary musician, dancer and artiste. Also a foodie’s paradise with some of the oldest cafes and messes in the city, Triplicane truly satisfies all the five senses.


This guided tour is free.

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Walk Leader
Jayakumar Sundararaman
Born in Sirkazhi, Tamil Nadu, S. Jayakumar is a performing Carnatic musician trained at Kalakshetra and an independent researcher on the cultural history of South India., he founded Prastara, an NGO for preservation and conservation of heritage.

A firm believer that a greater understanding of our past will increase the chances of creating a better future, Jayakumar is also the Chief Editor & a contributor to the online bilingual monthly magazine on art and culture of Prastara. He also holds a Masters in Music and History and has been trained in Epigraphy under stalwarts including Dr R. Nagaswamy and Prof. S. Ramachandran.