Explore the dynamic built heritage of Bombay that has shaped the city in ways more than one. We will begin our heritage walk at Eros cinema, uncovering the unique elements of Art Deco style  of architecture and cross the historic Oval Maidan to go back a century and experience the magical Gothic architecture of the city. The walk will end with a discussion at a prominent art gallery in Kala Ghoda.

Things provided for easier access:

  • Tactile map and objects

  • Large-print map and visuals

  • Braille book

  • Sign language interpreter


This guided tour is free.

Siddhant Shah
Walk Leader
Siddhant Shah is a national-level awardee and founder of Access For ALL. He is a heritage architect and a disability access consultant with UNESCO, National Museum, DAG Modern, City Palace Museum, Mehrangarh Museum among other organisations. Shah specialises in conducting multi-sensory experiential workshops and heritage walks for special needs audience.