The Partition of the subcontinent in 1947 resulted in the largest mass migration in human history, directly impacting between 12 to 18 million people. We’ll walk through the galleries of the Partition Museum and look at this history in the context of oral histories and narratives of Partition survivors.

The first part of the walk will cover the decades leading up to Partition, and look at the social, cultural and political situation prevailing in the subcontinent through the narratives of people interviewed by the Museum. In the second part of the walk, we’ll discuss the stories of migration and resettlement following Partition, and its effect on individuals as well as on the society.


This guided tour is free. 

Ganeev Kaur Dhillon
Walk Leader
Ganeev works as an Assistant Curator with the Partition Museum. She works closely with the recording and curating of the oral histories of the Partition survivors.