This film documents the most important festival of the Santhal tribe, “Saharay”. The essence of the tribal culture is “unity”. They sing together. They dance holding hands of each other. They are carrying a huge legacy of the heritage of ancient India. But still after all these, their own unique culture is facing a real tough time to protect their existence. So the Santhali Tribe of Purulia district of West Bengal is in search of a “Midas Touch” to revive their survival. From a very ancient time this tribe is following their very own language, life style and most importantly, folk culture. According to them, the whole Santhali Tribe would be extinct if there would not be that legacy of their culture. Like other tribes, this Santhali tribe also has different types of Folk Songs depicting the nobility of their genesis (Santahli : Binti), following and practicing which a tribe and its heritage can survive. The people belong to this community believe that “Saharay”, the most famous festival of the Santhali tribe can save the legacy of their endangered folk culture. “Saharay” starts in the Amabasya Tithi of month Karthik and goes for 5 days. They worship nature in these days and celebrate through different songs which describe the stories of their life, their external love to nature and preservation of natural resources like soil, forest and water. So these songs help the people of this tribe to get back to their roots.

Year of production of the film
Duration of the film
30 minutes
Suvadip Chakroborty
Screening Schedule
Friday, 16 February 2018, 10:00 am
Available until 28 Feb 2018