The neighbourhood of Sarkhej in Ahmedabad was initially a village in the times of Ahmad Shah. The Sufi saint, Ganj Bakhsh Ahmad Khattu, decided to make his abode in Sarkhej, far from the busy streets of the new city of Ahmedabad. Sarkhej is a multiethnic cultural complex, borrowing from Hindu, Jain and Islamic influences. The famous tank is the epicentre of the whole complex but has dried up now. The walk will begin with the Queen’s Palace, following which we will visit the King’s Palace, Kalandri Masjid, the Roza, along with other mausoleums inside, the museum, and finally end with the Jama Masjid of Sarkhej.


This guided tour is free.


Walk Leader
Saif Siddiqui
His love for buildings, old and new, resulted in a graduation in architecture. Being born and brought up in a multi-cultural city like Bhopal has helped Saif develop his interests in Urdu poetry, photography and urban sketching. He has worked in Udaipur and Ooty in the last 4 years as an architectural professional and academician. His love for the old overpowered the new, leading him to now pursue his post-graduation in the field of heritage management. He sees this as an opportunity to bring all his interests together and create something fruitful.