Pondicherry is a city of legends and narratives related to sacred spaces. Natives of Pondicherry recollect the ancient history of this city and speak of the sacredness of the ambience since times immemorial. Sage Agastya is associated with this city. Pondicherry radiates the Christian faith in magnificent churches built when the French had occupied the city. The Immaculate Conception Cathedral in Mission Street stands proudly despite its destruction several times. There is a vibrant Muslim population with their own legacy and practices. Khutba Mosque is a 17th century mosque located close to the Railway Station. Lord Ganesha, the beloved God of the Hindus has been enshrined in the Manakula Vinayagar Temple. Sri Aurobindo Ashram has embellished the city with its intense and powerful atmosphere. It is a prominent tourist attraction; thousands of tourists visit the Ashram. Sri Aurobindo as a freedom fighter took refuge in the city to escape the British ire. Exploring these sacred spaces can be a unique experience of the local culture and its ability to be syncretic towards distinctly different faiths and belief.


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Lata Iyer
She has lived in Pondicherry since 1988 with a few breaks. She is a Sustainability professional with a deep and enduring interest in Indian culture, religious and spiritual practices. She is a speaker on Indian Temple Architecture, Iconography and related subjects. She is currently living in Auroville as a free-lance Consultant working under the banner of Sustrack – Tracking Sustainability.