Everyone has a story behind their actions, every expression has a story to tell. People have a tendency of forgetting how complex and complicated this world actually is. Street photography offers us a chance to move away from the bustle of our lives and observe the world as it moves to its own beat. Moving away from personal needs and wants, street photography is said to be the teacher of humility and patience. Street photographers try to capture moments of joy, wonder, amazement, frustration, agony and jealousy, and juxtapositions, layers and patterns, all in that one decisive moment. Purani Dilli or Old Delhi, the flag bearer of Delhi’s rich history, has witnessed the evolution of the city to what it is today. One can go to these corners to find the continuation of old ways; one can find clear examples of old relics and architecture. Dinesh Khanna, a popular name in the field of street photography, uses photography as a portal to observe how these lives are lived. In an interactive session with him, discuss questions like, how does one judge the expressions of others? How does one place people in their lived habitat and environment to make interesting images? Learn the art of street photography with Dinesh Khanna. 


This guided tour is free.

Walk Leader
Dinesh Khanna
Dinesh Khanna started his career by selling calculators in Chawri Bazaar, quality-checked garments in a factory in Faridabad, and working as a busboy in a bar in New York. Even with a degree in Economics from Delhi University, he opines that these jobs were as good, if not better, than any formal education. He worked in Advertising for 12 years before he finally decided to fulfill his burning desire to become a professional photographer. For the last 28 years, he has been working with a wide range of corporate, editorial, and advertising clients, specifically in the area of travel, food, still-life, people, and interiors. He is a co-founder of the Delhi Photo Festival, Visual Consultant with Sahapedia and visiting faculty in various photography schools across the country.