'Shattered and Chiselled' is a conversation between a poet and a sculptor - both of whom have attempted to chisel out aesthetics from the lives of marginalized communities. Vinu V.V. has observed that his artistic practice has been influenced by eminent writer, C. Ayyappan's expression of the reality of Dalit lives as shattered 'like clay pots dropped over the rock' - this acts as an entry point to this dialogue. Poet M.R. Renukumar and renowned artist Vinu V.V. converse around questions of caste in contemporary Kerala and the mores and sensibilities of artistic practice today.

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David Hall, Fort Kochi
Artist Vinu V.V. in Conversation with Poet M.R. Renukumar
Vinu V.V. is a contemporary sculptor/artist from Kerala whose works often centre around the revolts and poetics of Dalit culture. His work kindles traces of caste and labour featuring ordinary objects—needles, thread, tin cans, sickles—drawn from the struggles, rituals and writings of the subaltern. His work has been featured on various platforms, including the ongoing Kochi Muziris Biennale 2018.

M.R. Renukumar is a poet and painter. He has published three collections of poetry: Keninilangail (In Marshy Lands, 2005), Veshakkaya (The Fruit of Knowledge, 2007) and Pachakkuppi (Green Bottle, 2011). He has translated the graphic biography of B.R. Ambedkar, Bhimayana: Experiences of Untouchability, from English into Malayalam (2014). He is also the editor of the volume Don’t Want Caste: Malayalam Stories by Dalit Writers (2017). His engagement with poetry and art centres around caste in its multifaceted existence in contemporary Kerala.