Kerala is a land where its cultural diversity is relieved by plentiful of traditional and ritual art forms. Vayali is a folklore group born at Arangottukara, a small village in Thrissur district, on 2004 with the sole aim to preserve the traditional and indigenous folklore of Kerala especially the rich cultural treasure along the banks of River Bharathapuzha. And they envisaged their dream by reviving the alienating “Darika Vadham Ritual Art”. The traditional ritual art form of Paraya Comunity, “Darika Vadham” portrays the rigorous battle between the Mother Goddess, Kali and the demon king, Darika.

Year of production of the film
Duration of the film
8 minutes 13 seconds
Vayali Folklore Group
Bhagyanath M
Screening Schedule
Saturday, 24 February 2018, 10:00 am
Available until 28 Feb 2018