Calcutta was once among the greatest cities of the world, the London of the East. This greatness, found equally in intellectual inquiry, culture, and trade, finds iconic representation in the governor-generalship of Warren Hastings. Extending this period from 1760, after the British retook Calcutta from Siraj ud-Daulah, to 1800, we find buried in South Park Street Cemetery in Kolkata, both famous and unknown Europeans, who came here, to seek their fortunes. This well-maintained heritage cemetery is one of the world's earliest planned cemeteries.

The hour-and-a-half long walk will begin just outside the cemetery gates, with an overview of the location with respect to the town of Calcutta circa 1760. Then it will proceed along the walkways of the cemetery, stopping by certain historically important tombs.

This guided tour is free.

Sudip Bhattacharya
Walk Leader
Sudip Bhattacharya is an academician who has published, and been cited, on the history of medicine in colonial Bengal. He is a keen student of the history of Calcutta as well, having operated a research project on these cemeteries.