2018 marked 500 years since the Qutb Shahi dynasty, which founded Hyderabad, was established (in 1518) at the historic Golconda Fort. While most of us know that their end came at the hands of the Mughals in 1687, how it played out is a fascinating story of warfare, heroics, determination and finally treachery from within during the reign of the last king Abul Hassan, who was known as Tana Shah. The walk will be held at the now isolated and forgotten Patancheru Darwaza, which is one of the eight doors or entrances of the fort, so that attendees can get an idea of what transpired during Golconda’s final siege.

This guided tour is free.

Walk Leader
Yunus Y. Lasania
A journalist by profession, Yunus is currently on a mission to collect the lesser known history of Hyderabad. Having covered the heritage beat earlier, he is well-versed about the city’s history and culture. A pucca Hyderabad, he swears by Irani chai and biryani. Yunus also runs/writes for ‘The Hyderabad History Project’, a not-for-profit blog along with former colleague and journalist Serish Nanisetti.