Starting from the early 1900s, the city of Bombay gave birth to a number of talkies, which in course of time hosted an array of motion pictures, thus celebrating the magic of Bollywood. A celebration that came alive every Friday with a movie release. With time and the advent of the multiplex culture promising premium services, these single-screen theatres struggled to survive.

This walk is not air-conditioned nor do we get to eat popcorn, but we are definitely going the see the buildings where people cheered for the golden feature films of the past at Grant Road. From one-rupee tickets, projectors, reels, red carpets, posters, tiny box offices and curtains down to the nostalgia that still lingers in these halls of fame, this walk will take you through it all.

This guided tour is free.

Neethu Mathew
Walk Leader
Neethu Mathew studied Urban Design from Mumbai University and proceeded to work as a freelancer before joining MMRC as a co-editor, photographer and graphic designer for its monthly Newsletter. She wrote regular pieces on the heritage and history of various localities of the western front of Mumbai for them. Driven by people and books, her fields of interest include urbanism, sociology, anthropology, history, art and so on. She is also a proponent of heritage conservation. Having moved to Mumbai three years ago, she has made it a hobby to walk around the city and study the rich and diverse cultural precincts.