Bengaluru is known for its roadside eateries and now there are entire streets dedicated to food lovers. VV Puram Food Street is a fascinating lane filled with fresh and mouthwatering vegetarian street food. Crisp and buttery masala dosa, soft and steaming hot paddus, and raagi rotis from Karnataka, rumali rotis, chaats, spicy noodles, chilly and capsicum bajjis (fritters), dabeli, vada pav, fresh fruit juice and hot carrot halwa are just some of the lip-smacking delicacies that are sold here. There is a lot more that you can discover and enjoy on this walk. If you felt hurried during other food walks that you may have been to, this one is for you. This walk will just introduce the group to the best picks in this bustling street and then leave people to explore at their own pace.


This guided tour is free.

Shobha Raghavan
Walk Leader
Shobha is a freelance writer, traveller and theatre trainer based in Bengaluru. She is especially interested in understanding different cultures and people through their music, food, oral histories and stories that they share. Her favourite places are usually located amidst forests and mountains that are less known. Her favourite stories are those of adivasis and other communities who have preserved their forests and natural resources for generations and live in harmony with nature.