Breakaway ventures into the stories and traditions that went into the weaving of the fabric of contemporary India, the traditions that provided the world with some of the finest threads and most sought after textiles. This walk, organised by them, starts at 10:30 am at the Sanskriti Museum, which has a stunning collection of textiles and terracotta. From there it proceeds to a store, one of the few hidden gems in the city, which has the largest collection of textiles from around India. At the store, over a cup of tea, one can engage with the curators who have taken up the arduous task of collecting the diverse materials under one roof.


This guided tour is for free. 

Uma Tiwari
Walk Leader
Uma Tiwari gave up her career in advertising to pursue her passion. After joining Dastkar, she travelled to the remote corners of the country in search of handicraft and textile traditions of this diverse nation.
She is the founder of ‘Then & Now’, a brand created to further the marketability of craft. She will conduct this walk in association with Breakaway.