The 19th century comes across as a very interesting period of time in Indian history, at least as far as the number of events taking place is concerned. For one, there’s the siege of Delhi, also known as The Mutiny and The Indian Rebellion of 1857. This walk will delve into the story of this phase step-by-step by exploring what once used to be the Northern Shahjahanabad, the place where Shah Jahan’s favourite son Dara Shikoh’s estate used to be and from where the British troops had stormed in in 1857.

We begin the walk from Kashmere Gate and make our way through the inner lanes and buildings of importance, from the likes of Bengal Club; to a mosque and a church built by James Skinner (an Anglo-Indian military adventurer); to the building that housed St. Stephens, one of the premier educational institutes of  Delhi; and so much more. Join us as we take the route that takes us back in time and listen to the stories while looking at what remains.

This guided tour is free.

Priya Chauhan
Walk Leader
Priya Chauhan, a person of many interests ranging from history to music, is a Master’s student at National Museum Institute, New Delhi. Apart from her academic engagement with History of Art, she is also involved in various other projects based on Delhi, its past and present. Being one of the core team members of Delhigram—a digital memoir of the city—she considers herself to be a person of the past and loves exploring old and new nooks and corners of the city.