River Jhelum rising from Verinag spring at the foothills of Pir Panjal ranges in Jammu and Kashmir is the lifeline of Srinagar that bifurcates the city into two parts. Over the years, this river, which has seven historic bridges built over it, has emerged as an important tourist destination. A number of heritage structures with diverse historical, religious and socio-cultural significance have emerged around it.

This walk will be conducted along the banks of this historic river and it will cover some landmark structures like Noor Jehan’s Pathar Masjid, a mosque distinct from all other mosques of Kashmir in terms of its architecture; Bushah’s Tomb (1430A.D.) that reflects a confluence of Buddhist and Islamic architecture; shrine of Mir Syed Ali Hamdani Khanqah-i-Moulla (1395 A.D.), a place historically housing a spring sacred to Hindu Goddess Kali. The walk will wind through the old markets and is expected to yield an overall understanding of Kashmir’s cosmopolitan history and its unparalleled cultural heritage.


This guided tour is free.

Taha Mughal
Walk Leader
Taha Mughal is an architect associated with INTACH Kashmir at present. His interests include heritage rejuvenation, visual arts and literary fiction.