A guided Architectural Walk of Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) :  This Charles Correa edifice draws tourists and patrons of arts as much as the events at JKK do. The architectural walk will be conducted by Siddhant Shah, a heritage architect and an access management consultant, who will guide special needs visitors through the beautiful details of this cultural center. This specially curated  walk at JKK will allow visitors to explore why ‘JKK is in true sense a metaphor of Jaipur, Jai Singh II and Jawaharlal Nehru’.

During the walk, we will be covering these 8 meter high walled squares which contain the administrative block, temporary exhibition galleries, open air theatre, air conditioned theatre,arena, library, dormitories, and coffee house. The building houses some brilliantly painted Indian art and iconographies from the Hindu, Jain and Buddhist texts. During the walk at JKK we will explore the thought-provoking facts and concepts of shape, colours and iconography. This walk will be an educational experience introducing the special needs visitors to elements of architecture and planning in an exciting manner.

Things provided for easier access:

  • Ramps

  • Wheelchair

  • Tactile Map and objects

  • Large Print Map and Visuals

  • Braille Book


This guided tour is free. 

Siddhant Shah
Walk Leader
Siddhant Shah is a national level awardee and founder of Access For ALL. He is a heritage architect and a disability access consultant with UNESCO, National Museum, DAG Modern, City Palace Museum, Mehrangarh Museum among other organizations. Shah specializes in conducting multi-sensory experiential workshops and heritage walks for special needs audience.