The Nehru Children's Museum is a project of the National Cultural Association founded in 1945. Opened to the public in 1972, the Nehru Children’s Museum is dedicated to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and houses a huge collection of dolls from 88 countries across the globe. The museum comprises four floors that are divided into four sections – the Dolls Gallery, Toys Gallery, Ramayana Gallery, and the Mahabharata Gallery. The clay models depicting various scenes and events from the epics are a huge draw for children.
In this walk, we will take children with learning deficiencies from Hope Foundation, accompanied by their teachers and guardians on a tour of the museum galleries. This will be done after initiating them a couple of days beforehand with the ‘Social Story on the Nehru Children’s Museum’, which has been developed by The Makers Collaborative in consultation with experts to prepare children with special needs for the museum visit.

This guided tour is for free and has been specially curated for the children from Hope Foundation.

Event Partner

The Makers Collaborative

Walk Leader
Swati Mishra
The Makers Collaborative proposes a human-centered approach to learning based the integration of disciplines (STEAM) that is project-based, hands-on, using models, prototypes, museum experiences, community knowledge and our cultural and natural heritage. The walk will be led by Swati Mishra, whose work focuses on community engagement, cultural outreach and developing alternative methods of learning.