Varanasi has many spiritual connotations, and each of these connotations has many known and unknown religious aspects. This walk will traverse through that unknown pilgrimage and historical sites, which have deep religious and cultural importance.

The walk will start from Nag Kuan, and go on to explore the Madhyameshwara Temple, Bhoot Bhairav, Jestha Gauri, Jestheshwara Temple, Asharishwar, Kashi Devi Temple, Ishwargangi kund, Madhyameshwar Mahadev, Bageshwari Devi, Apshwareshwar Shivling and the garden where Warren Hastings made war plans against Raja Chet Singh.

Lastly, we will conclude our walk with the Town Hall, where the spark of the Quit India Movement was first ignited in Varanasi.


This guided tour is free.

Walk Leader
Ajay Ratan Banerjee
He is a historian by heart who loves to preserve the ancient culture and ethnicity of Holy city Varanasi. He has worked with INTACH on various projects of restoration from Ganga Mahal Ghat to Panchkroshi.