The Mehrauli walk will start from the main gate of Qutub Minar, and take you through the Old Mehrauli Bus stand, stopping on the way to talk about the history of Mehrauli, of the summer retreats built in the late 19th century, now going through a revival. The walk will cover monuments such as the mausoleum of Adham Khan, foster brother of Akbar; Gandhak ki Baoli, the earliest surviving step-well of Delhi (13th Century); the mausoleum of an unknown noble; the Rajon ki Baoli, a late Lodi period construction and move on to Jamali Kamali, the mosque built for a Sufi by his disciples, and his mausoleum. The walk ends at the Mausoleum of Quli Khan, younger brother of Adham Khan; the mausoleum was converted into a summer retreat by Charles Theophilus Metcalfe and became the site for his parties an at some point was also offered as a honeymoon suite to newly married officers of the East India Company’s army. Join us and know more about these  nondescript monuments that remain obscured in the shadows of the busy city.


This guided tour is for free. 

Sohail Hashmi
Walk Leader
Sohail Hashmi is a writer, filmmaker based in Delhi, who loves to tramp through the ruins of Delhi and to talk about them.