The Sajjangarh Fort is built on the highest known peak of Udaipur, called the Bandara Peak, at an elevation of 944 m. It was named after Maharana Sajjan Singh who built it in the 1880s. It is also known as the Monsoon Palace because it appears to float above the clouds during the monsoon season. It offers an enchanting panoramic view to the eyes of tourists who can gaze at the entire city and its lakes and palaces, with the vast blanket of flush green flora from the fort. The pathway to the palace can give one an adrenaline rush as one climbs the snake-like curvy road. Providing a bird's-eye view of Udaipur with its alluring sunset, Sajjangarh manages to stand out.


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Walk Leader
Poorvi Jhawar
She is a final year software engineering student who has chosen to live her life in the company of nature rather than computers. Brought up in Jodhpur and currently studying in Udaipur, she has been exposed to a myriad of heritage, architecture and various cultures. She believes that living one's life with the influence of nature and art always leaves a positive impact. She has worked with SonyLiv and several NGOs to shoot videos with the intention of emancipating women (mostly from rural backgrounds) and spreading awareness. She enjoys travelling, writing and exploring different cultures and themes.