Many derasars, temples and mosques dot the city of Ahmedabad. Amazingly though, amidst a certain one-sq km area within its walled city, there is a rather close yet peaceful  co-existence of sacred places of worship of many different religious communities—Christians, Parsis, Jews, Hindus, Muslims and Jains.

On this walk, we explore the unique symbolism, art, architecture and associated history of some of these sacred places and their respective communities, and allow ourselves a peek into the basic ideologies and belief systems of these faiths. This unique walk starts with the Parsi Agiyari which is located exactly across the Jewish Synagogue—the only one in Gujarat.  We then walk towards Teen Darwaza, where an intriguing historical account of what happened in 1920 awaits! The inconspicuous  500-year-old Jain derasar near Manek Chowk is where we end the walk.

This guided tour is free.


Meghna Sheth Gandhi
Walk Leader
Meghna Sheth Gandhi- Founder of H2 oasis- the History & Heritage Oasis, she has formal education in Interior Architecture and pursuing Sanskrit Grammar and related courses, comes in handy while designing and conducting the walks. She enjoys researching on every aspect of Indian heritage-be it the architecture sciences, religious ideologies, cultural beliefs, linguistic heritage and outer influences. She believes that ‘Exposure to the Indian literary works that are not just about knowledge but full of wise insights, from visiting experts, fuels this passion’.